STEAMaster Home Clean

STEAMaster Home Clean Sterilize Service can effectively remove dirt, bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites, pollen and wax! It is much better than chemical detergent which is sensitive to skin but not eco-friendly.

Do you really know who you're sleeping with? I don't mean the person next to you, I mean the millions of tiny dust mites, germs and bacteria hooked onto your mattress, pillows, sheets and bedding, feasting off your dead skin cells.
Not only do these miniscule creatures wreak havoc asthma and allergy suffers, they're disgusting and crawling all over you. There's a cutting edge technology - STEAMaster Home Sterilized Services will help in eliminating dust mites, germs and bacteria.

Now the haze and H1N1 is so critical, everyone want to prevent for being the victim. So preventive measure is to sterilized your home.

What we do?

We provide clean and safety environment for you and your family and saving your money at the same time.

• Home Clean

• Anti-Bacteria

• Cushion & Leather Wash

• Polish & Wax

• Sales & Service of Steam   Machine


  • High Steam
  • Chemical Free
  • Quality
  • Kill Germs
  • Kill Dust mite
  • Eco Friendly


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