Why should I use a STEAMaster cleaning Service instead of my normal cleaning service?

Let's equate the use of infant skin care products with the use of solvent cleaners around the home. The healthy maxim is to avoid applying anything on baby's skin that the little one shouldn't ingest. Now take that concept and think about how your body comes in contact with chemicals that are used on the surfaces around your home: furniture polish lingering on the dining room table, floor cleaner residue that attaches itself to bare feet, the ammonia used throughout the bathroom. So, would you rather absorb these nasty chemicals, or have contact with the only thing a steam cleaning needs to operate - pure, clean water?

If keeping your family chemical-free is not enough to convert you to the virtues of steam cleaning, think about how your shopping list will shrink. After your use a STEAMaster cleaning service, there will no longer be a need to buy the dozen or more cleaning products that line the shelves in your laundry room or sit under your kitchen sink. You'll no longer need to stand transfixed in the cleaning aisle, wondering which "New & Improved" product will do the best job because you won't need them. No creams, no powders, no floor cleaners.

Using steam cleaning is healthy for our planet, too. Chemicals used in cleaning products, more often than not, get washed down the drain - like the big bucket of dirty water mixed with floor cleaner, or the blue stuff that swishes around your toilet. And where do they end up? They end up in a few different places - like in our water supply, threatening waterways and the wildlife that depend on these areas for sustenance; some are even hormone disruptors that don't biodegrade. Environmentalists estimate that an average household's cleaning products contribute about 8% of total non-vehicular emissions of organic compounds, which not only pollute the air, but also cause eye, nose, and lung irritation, as well as rashes, headaches, nausea, asthma, and, in some cases, cancer.

STEAMaster cleaning service will restore dirty tile and grout, get rid of baked-on grease in ovens or on barbeque grills, and reach grimy, out-of-the-way spots that most people dread to even consider.

How does pressurized steam work as an everyday cleaner?

When steam is forced onto a surface, the very small vapor molecules penetrate pores in the surface. The vapor molecules quickly and powerfully expand to force out all dirt, grease, detergents, bacteria, and basically any particles that don't naturally belong on the surface. The added bonus is the high temperature of vapor molecules, which kills bacteria and other pathogens like mold, fleas, flea eggs, and dust mites. The result is a surface that is sanitized, deodorized, and hypoallergenic. A thorough job of cleaning also means you won't have to work as hard the next time around!

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